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The Audacity of Having Hope

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 PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:03 am   
Golden Panther
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There is no doubt… it’s tough being an FIU fan.

Longtime FIU fans have suffered for 17 long seasons. This year, for the third time in our history, we had hope.

And now, that hope is quickly vanishing.

We’ve been down this road before…

This season started the same way our 2006 and 2012 seasons began. With high expectations. And hope that FIU would finally break through on the national stage.

In 2006 we were coming off a 5-5 season and it was the senior years of the killer B’s, including Antwan Barnes. Our defense was formidable. It was also the senior year for our all-time leading passer Josh Padrick. The lost 4 of our first 6 games by 4 points or less and went 0-12. Don Strock was fired.

In 2012 we were coming off an 8-4 season and had one of our best recruiting classes ever. We went 3-9. Mario Cristobal was fired.

I’m not suggesting this season is over. And I’m certainly not suggesting Coach Davis should be fired. I love Coach Davis. He is the best coach—by far—that we’ve ever had.

But the pattern is all too familiar. When will this program ever get over the hump and turn the corner? When will FIU ever perform when expectations are high? When will FIU not lose valuable momentum and start building a fan base (besides diehard fans like us) in fickle Miami?

I’m convinced the answer is on the line of scrimmage.

FIU has never, ever, ever, ever dominated the line of scrimmage consistently. Seventeen years, never. Not even within our own conference. We’ve had a few years that one of our lines dominated for a brief period (like last year’s OL and the DL when Antwan Barnes was on the prowl). But never both lines at the same time. And never consistently.

What you are seeing happening this year is the same thing that has always held us back—poor play on the line of scrimmage. Teams are pushing us around and running all over us. We are getting little pressure on the QB. And our OL is getting pushed backward. The OL is clearly much weaker than last year. The Tulane game showed just how important the lines are. We looked like boys playing against men.

Until Coach Davis and staff fix the lines, FIU football will never break through.

FIU is the city of Miami's only state university.
FIU is Miami State University.

Official Name:
State University of Florida at Miami, or
Miami State University of Florida, or
Miami Florida State University

 PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:11 am   
Golden Panther

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what's wrong with hope?

Anyway, let's not act all doom and gloom. I will always have hope in FIU football. We have the building blocks, just some hiccups along the way.

 PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:44 am   
Golden Panther
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"But the pattern is all too familiar. When will this program ever get over the hump and turn the corner? "

The only consistency from 2006, 2012, and 2019: Pete Garcia.

Things will NEVER change until he's gone. Plain and simple. I am HARDCORE FIU, but this is the first year that I am voluntarily stepping aside. And don't give me that "true fans, good times and bad" mierda. I've been here since the Strock days. I've sweat in that Roary outfit. I've donated more to the program than any sane person would. But ten minutes into the Tulane game, I knew the season was over. I showed up to the WKU game like the diseased, delirious fans that we all are, and was not disappointed. I knew we'd lose, I was the only one to guess this week's "Pick'Em", nearly nailed the score too.

For FIU, that should be the worst part of it. Not that we lost, but that the HARDEST of hardcore fans no longer gives a $$$$ anymore. Apathy has completely set in, and I am done until next season. I am not alone. We have suffered too long, and its simply not healthy.

For the FANS, the saddest part is that FIU simply does not care. They do just enough to get by, which is hardly enough. Ya'll have seen that west end score board? Its the perfect analogy to what the program has become. This is the third season that the old scoreboard's old columns are still up, and that its umbilical cord is showing. How hard can it be to, at the very least, to remove the F'IN CORD!!! Nobody CARES. Nobody gives a MIERDA! NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND FAT PAY CHECKS. #SID!!!

 PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:26 am   
Golden Panther

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Can't blame you, Quijote. We could be headed for a Dolphins-worthy season.

And I meant to give you a shout-out for your WKU pick-em. As a gambler, I thought about going that way, but my own hard-core loyalty won out.

As far as the AD goes, he's been of no value, but it all starts at the top, and I'm afraid it is the President who is most responsible for where we are. He likes football and would prefer it if we were good and drew crowds, but back around the time of the Cristobal debacle, when he realized how difficult it was going to be to raise the kind of money it would take to create and maintain a relevant program and the lack of a core of potential interested donors here, I believe that he simply turned his priorities elsewhere. The plain truth is that at the present time, outside of the athletic department, there is no overriding institutional commitment to football, very little community interest in FIU football, and almost no student body interest in FIU football, even though student activity fees fund the football program. In fact, if anyone ever manages to annoy the student government sufficiently, it could mean some pretty tough sledding for the future of football at FIU, in my opinion.

All these years I have been hoping that one of these coaches would somehow manage to produce a Cinderella team that would somehow capture the imagination of the school and the community and attract some angel of a donor who would drop a program-securing gift to ensure our existence in perpetuity and I pledge here and now that if I win the Power Ball Lotto that I will be that angel. Meantime, who can blame me or Quixjote or any of the rest of us for feeling let down once again when we find ourselves once more among the also-rans. Sigh.

 PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:38 am   
Golden Panther
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