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I Will Donate $305,000 To FIU Athletics...

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 PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:51 pm   

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South Paw, I’ve lived outside of Florida for over 19 years now and almost 14 years and counting in SoCal on the other side of the country. So based on your criteria (which I don’t agree with) my opinion should matter! I am not going to pretend that many people here in SoCal recognize FIU but I believe they would have thought the same if it was Miami State. The only difference is that they would know more precisely where the university is located and would not confuse the school as much with FAU, but those really are insiginificant issues. Many here who don’t follow college sports also don’t know that UF is in Gainesville or that FSU is in Tallahassee. Doesn’t make the names of those universities bad.

Since FIU has been playing FBS football alot more people know of the university. One big difference here is that people here don’t think negatively of the school like too many Miami residents and even students did at least when I used to live in Miami in the late 80s and 90s. They just don’t know much about the school just like they don’t know much about USF, Cleveland State, Georgia State, Alabama State, University of Denver etc.. They didn’t know much about UCF either before the recent run.

I disagree with you strongly about which name is more small time. I believe you’ve used Boise State and San Diego State as an examples in your arguments in the past. In my opinion, those names, if anything, have and will continue to hold back the potential of those schools. It makes them sound more small time than what their achievements should warrant. Besides TCU, Notre Dame, etc... Texas A&M is another example of a non-traditional name that would have sounded small time had it not been for their athletics success. Now it doesn’t hold them back at all and probably helps their brand. They’ve made the name sound big time. In my opinion, Florida International can allow for more recognition for the university if it has success than Miami State or even the University of Miami. The unique name can really help the brand with success and make the university sound just as big time as UF and FSU. Miami State would make that level of recognition more difficult in my opinion. At the very least though, I disagree that the name is holding the university back. The leadership and negative opinions of the local residents and students of the university are what is holding FIU back.

Too many of the youth of Miami thought poorly of the city and things associated with it when I lived there. It appears that this may still be an issue. High school students and athletes too often want to leave the city than to proudly embrace it’s universities and opportunities. Too many skilled athletes prefer going out of state to places like Marshall, WKU, and Bowling Green than too stay home and make the local teams better. I just don’t see this going on as much at the other places I’ve lived. Hopefully this will start to change over time as the leaders help improve the local reputation of the city and it’s universities.

 PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:35 pm   
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South Paw, you are correct regarding the name change.

Someone on these boards don't realize the name Miami, South Beach are names that people thing of in a positive way outside of South Florida. When you think of Miami, one thinks of a night life (Miami Vice, Miami Nights) palm trees beaches, woman from around the world, tan bodies, and entertainment. In the business of branding changing the name would reap benefits for the university, athletics, and academic programs.

There is a reason why the the Hospitality School named the event the "South Beach Food and Wine Festival". Those picked not to name it after FIU, for a reason, again, the name FIU does not create link to the Miami community. Plus, the name Miami has international name recognition. It gives the event images of food, fun, and sandy beaches.

The branding and marketing was centered on those ideas mentioned. I they can see the benefits of aligning themselves with the community and city we reside in ,why can't FIU see not using the name Miami, leaves the branding and the dollars to the UCG? There is a lot of money that we are not getting because, people outside of the state, who have not attended the school, have no idea who we are, or where we are. This is not a good thing, when you have to explain to people who we are, where we are, if we keep the name it will only increase the confusion.

 PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:29 am   
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Were I recruiting a local kid for FIU against the Marshall's and the WKU's of the world now, I would point out that it is no longer necessary to leave home and go to some godforsaken place that most people are dying to leave, when you could stay in Miami and play for a team that has every likelihood of beating the P5 schools on its schedule, dumbass name or not. Now so far as competing with the P5 schools elsewhere, who could blame a blue-chipper for wanting to go to Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio State, etc. If this win against the Insufferable Front Running Whining Aristocrats of Coral Gables doesn't give us a leg up on the Stockstills and the Hallidays of the world, however, then our coaches are the worst salespeople in the world.

 PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:31 pm   
Golden Panther
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For all of you numbskulls who think FIU can't afford to pay the cost of changing its name to Miami State University, our brilliant leaders now have to pay one million dollars in legal fees because they lost a seven-year long lawsuit to prevent another school from changing its name to Florida National University. ... n-dollars/ ... 15593.html

You can't make this stuff up. This is the definition of pure stupidity by our leadership. Instead of investing in a far, far better name for our school than the "for-profit-sounding" and often confusing Florida International University/FIU, they are spending their time and dollars defending it.

Unbelievable. Just... unbelievable.

If this doesn't show how incredibly incompetent and clueless Dr. Rosenberg and our school's leadership is to you people, nothing will.

FIU is the city of Miami's only state university.
FIU is Miami State University.

Official Name:
State University of Florida at Miami, or
Miami State University of Florida, or
Miami Florida State University

 PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:43 pm   
Golden Panther
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I had a feeling you'd be bringing this up, SP.

FWIW, I agree that this was a stupid and frivolous lawsuit for the school to get into. Why would the admin be so worried about FNU? We probably get confused more with FAU than FNU. They're located in a strip mall, for God's sake.

Having said that, I don't know how you can equate a name change with this. $1 million is a drop in the bucket for changing any school's name. You'll need way more money than that to do what you want.

So... how's that name change study coming along?

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